About Nan Cottons LLC

Nan Cottons, LLC., started in 2015 when my first grandson was not quite 2 years old. He was beginning to speak and favored his cotton PJs printed with animals. In fact he made the decision that PJ's were indeed only PJ’s if they had animals on them. Animals and children are the greatest joys and I went on a search to fill OUR vision.

Children's PJ’s available in the market were underwhelming. Animal printed PJ’s were scarce and finding 100% cotton PJ’s was hard.

The search and research began.

We discovered many important facts like:

  • Cotton production in the USA has been significantly reduced in the past years.
  • Cotton was a plant grown with multiple pesticides affecting the ground, our environment and the fabric.
  • Cotton required huge quantities of water to grow the crop.

Research led me to read about Organic Cotton and Sustainability.

There is so much to learn about cotton production, and organic cotton productions, sustainability, farmers, crops, and our country's great needs to grow organic cotton.

The search for children’s cotton PJ's in animal prints became my journey to manufacture 100% USA MADE Organic Cotton Knit Children's PJ’s.

Animal prints expanded to heartwarming, peaceful, calming and loving prints.

A bit of whimsy is added to most of the product line with the coordinate prints on reversible products and trims. 

Now having 3 grandsons to Nurture, Care, and Love, I best describe NAN COTTONS, LLC., with the words: NURTURE, CARE, and LOVE.

The boys and these words are the inspiration in developing our products, and living every day.

Every product comes with these qualities and wishes for happy days and lots of sweet dreams. 

Home Sampled and Tested

Nan Cottons, LLC., developed with multiple samples at home, on the bed and the couch, with two special assistants, Murphy and Monty.

M & M are 4 legged friends, and 'advisors'.

With their insistence the product line expanded to matching dog blankets, pads and bandanas.

Dogs love the organic cotton blankets, pads and bandanas.

Pets feel the difference too when you give them organic cotton knit products.